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Statement on Social Media Comments
June 26, 2017

Dear Burlington Community:


In the past month there have been numerous requests for the School District to provide comment in response to rumors circulating on social media channels that ended up having zero merit or basis in fact. These include a 40 percent teacher turnover rate, an administrative refusal to have Sen. Bernie Sanders speak at BHS graduation, and most recently claims the Superintendent received a $13,675 bonus. These falsehoods are not helpful in supporting our schools or building the credibility of our District. This action also detracts from the progress our District has made and the many accomplishments of our students over the past year.


The District administration is committed to providing transparency to the public and offers a number of opportunities and avenues to achieve this throughout the year. Read full statement.

Response to BHS Inquiry
June 15, 2017

In response to the many inquiries from students and community members regarding the online activity by students the District would like to issue the following statement:

The administration is aware of these voiced concerns and has been working to address them in an appropriate manner under the dual contexts of school policy and legal parameters from the date the concerns were raised. Any case of student concern with school climate is a matter the District takes very seriously. All students, parents, faculty and staff are important and valued members of our Burlington learning community. Individual information about students is confidential and cannot be shared publicly.
Burlington Named Best City in New England for K-12 Teachers

June 8, 2017

Burlington has been named a top national city for K-12 teachers, ranking first in New England and eighth overall by the consumer research website GoodCall in its third annual rankings report released last month. The report outlines the U.S. cities that offer the best backdrop for teachers to work and live.

"Cities at the top of our list give teachers the best chance to find jobs that are professionally fulfilling and financially viable because they are thriving cities where people value education highly,” said Claire Etheridge, Data Analyst for Goodcall.com....Read the full press release.

Teacher Contract Remains Unresolved Following Mediation
May 31, 2017

The Burlington School Board and the teacher’s union engaged in a seven-hour contract mediation session today without reaching a settlement. The parties remain far apart on salary with the Board offering a 1.75% increase in FY18 and 2.0% in FY19. This would mean an average salary increase of $1,241 per teacher in the first year and $1,469 in the second year. The teacher’s union is seeking a 5.28% salary increase in one year, or $3,745 per teacher. Significant differences also remain in the areas of health insurance benefits and operational changes.


Today’s session was a continuation after the two parties engaged in mediation on April 11th. Moving forward, both parties will submit arguments to Mediator Michael Ryan who will act as the neutral Fact Finder. Arguments are due June 7, 2017 and Mr. Ryan has 30 days to issue his non-binding report.


“While we made limited progress today, we look forward to a successful conclusion to negotiations in a timely manner, and prior to the start of the next school year,” said Commissioner Anne Judson, a member of the Board’s negotiations committee.


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