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Commitment to Equity & Inclusion
March 22,2017
At its March 21 meeting the Burlington School Board reaffirmed its commitment to equity and inclusion for all students. Click here to read the statement. 


Negotiations Update
March 17, 2017

Click here to read the 3/17/17 Press Release.
Burlington School District Announcements
Exciting Event for Families, Students and the Larger Burlington Community

March 17, 2017

The award-winning film SCREENAGERS will be shown at the Hunt Middle School Auditorium on Monday, March 20 at 6:30PM. It is FREE and open to all.

This film is being shown around the country and sparking some great conversation among communities (http://www.screenagersmovie.com/trailer/). It is a topic that touches so many of us — let’s learn about ways for children and families in Burlington to achieve a healthier balance with their use of technology.

Please contact Kate Larson (kate.larson@mac.com) for more information.

The Culturally Responsive Teacher Feature...
February 28, 2017 
is intended to provide information about different elements of culturally responsive teaching in action, including examples of classroom application that ​others can employ in their own classrooms. 
There are so many ways to be culturally relevant and inclusive in our practice, from the way we set up our physical space, to the curricular choices we make, to the ways we interact with individuals and honor the unique identities of the students in our care. Each issue will feature a BSD teacher employing best practices in culturally responsive teaching.
Laurie Hickey, Grades 7/8 Hunt Middle School

Middle Schools Awarded $40,000 from Verizon Innovative Learning for Makerspaces
February 23, 2017

Lyman C. Hunt and Edmunds Middle Schools have been awarded grants from Verizon Innovative Learning for $20,000 each, for the creation of makerspaces at their respective schools. Schools nationwide applied for the grant, which will be used to design a space where people can go to create, invent and learn in a do-it-yourself and hands-on setting.

Hunt’s three “Maker Champions” - Tech-Integrationist Val Lodish, Social Studies Teacher Charles Dabritz and Afterschool Site Director Rebecca Reese - and EMS’s three “Maker Champions” - Tech-Integrationist Brent Truchon, STEM Teacher Matt Chandler and Design and Tech Education Teacher Eric Schoembs - will participate in two days of STEAM-focused professional development and lead the setup and launch of the Maker Lab (Hunt) and the CnC Lab (Edmunds).

FY18 Burlington School Budget and Bond CCTV Center for Media & Democracy Presentation with Superintendent Yaw Obeng
February 21, 2017
Junior Iron Chef Team Visits Our Studio
February 16, 2017
(myChamplainValley.com, 2/8/17)

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